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We will celebrate the 400th anniversary of Doutonbori this year. We are preparing for the anniversary festival that is going to be held on during april 2015 to February 2016. Please visit here in anniversary year.

4月~ Osaka Minami City Map Osaka guide map "NekoMap" which has been publishing for 20years by Osaka sightseeing and restaurants Association. The web version of NekoMap will be published!!
5月~11月 Valuable ticket of Doutonbori river cruising We will sell valuable Doutonbori river cruise ticket that serving you very attractive 4 plans of cruising.
5月、12月 Minna de Minami Big shopping event which is prmoted by Minami commercial facilities and Minami shopping street will be held.
7月11日・12日 Main festival of Minami 400th year anniversary at Nigiwai Square Executives comitee of the Minami 400th year festival and Osaka Chuou city will hold some events for 2days at Nigiwai Square in Tonbori walk street. They will have show and market!!
7月~8月 Summer festival "Ittoko Minami" and other events We will have 20 of summer festivals at Minami and distributing you festival guide map in foreign languages also.
7月他 Summer festival at Soemon town "Summer Wheat Sake festival ", "Winter light display festival ", " spring flowers festival " and some more festival will be held.
8月 Minami Student Jazz carnival Students jazz competition will be held. It represents Minami jazz history. Some of Osaka classic jazz will be playing.
9~11月 Kansai Engei Syabekuri festival, 3D theater Rakugo. Theatrical and comedy events will be held at Minami. It represents high quality show business culture in Osaka.
2015年後半 Tonbori museum pass project. We put "museum pass" which is introducing about Taisho Roman Doutonbori on the wall of Underpass at tonbori river walk.
10月 30th DouguyaSuji Festival. You can eat the biggest Takoyaki which is listed on guinness records. You will have nice experiences with popular knife "Sakai hamono" here.
10月 Osaka Minami Dance festival Dance festival. Kids competition, japanese traditional dance performances and new genres. They will enliven Osaka,
10月 Minami Broadway Renaissance A festival stage which is included theatrical, kabuki, bunraku and comedy show.
10月ごろ Fancy event by Shopping street association we will hold some events with shopping street in Minami area.
10月 Special experience Festival An annual event which is held by Ebesubashi shopping street will be held with expanding their area.
10月 Minami Beppin Project 2015 Recently, Many foreign traveller visiting Minami. We know we need to make Minami better. For 400th anniversary, we will do campaign to beautify Minami. Any one can join us!
11月 Osaka Minami water town festival 2015 By Yoshimoto creative agency We will have events that appeal some glams of water town Osaka at Doutonbori, Nakanoshima, Kyocera dome and IntexOsaka. At Minami tonbori river walk, Many professional comedians will be on stage and enliven the event and the shopping street association.
11月ほか Minami historical books publishing. A book that about Mr. Yasui Douton who was the leader of Doutonbori developping project will be published in November. A book about history of Doutonbori also will be published. In summer 2015, 400th anniversary of Doutonbori local beer will be on sale for a limited time.
11月~ Maido Okini! Osaka Minami Hikari Masse Minami will be decorated by many illumination lights. This program is named "OsakaHikarinoKyouen".
11月 Minami Jazz Walk At Doutonbori we will have Jazz event "Minami Jazz Walk". You will enjoy speciall things like "Jazz collaborate with gourmet" and "Chanson collaborate with Japanese traditional Bunraku/Koudan.
12月 Minami Students festival Local students and people are going to administer the festival on Decmber 13th. The festival's concept are mainly lights,music and food. They will have music live, illumination lights and foods.
1月 Houekago parade Ebisu stage was restore for 400th anniversary event called Houekago. We will have Japanese traditional orchestra here too.
2月 Osaka Minami Food Festival "IppinEnnichi and Minami AcchiKocchi Rally A food competition between Minami representitive restaurant and other restaurants from other area all over Japan.

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