chronological table of Dotonbori
chronological table of Dotonbori
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chronological table of Dotonbori

Edo period
Edo period
Meiji period
Meiji period
Taisho Period
Taisho Period
Showa Period
Showa Period
Heisei Period
Heisei Period
Reiwa Period
Reiwa Period
A.D1612 (Keicho 17) In 1612, Mr. Nariyasu Douton and his group worked on the project of constructing Dotonbori canal.
A.D1614 (Keicho 19) "Osaka Fuyuno Jin" The Winter Siege of Osaka. (November to December)
A.D1615(Keicho 20/
      Genwa 1)
"Osaka Natsuno Jin" The Summer Siege of Osaka. Mr. Yasui Douton died in this war. New Shogun Matsudaira Tadaakira decided taking over the Project of constructing canal in September.
A.D1619 (Genwa 5) Mr. Yasui Kyubei became the executive post of Osaka Minami.
A.D1626 (Kanei 3) The famous show theater relocated to Dotonbori. So Dotonbori turned into a theater town.
A.D1661 (Kanbun 1) Construction of Nakaza theater was completed. Mr. Shioya Kuroemon was the founder.
A.D1669 (Kanbun 9) Kadoza theater was opened. Mr. Osaka Tazaemon was the founder.
A.D1672(Kanbun 12) Japanese traditional instrument "Shamisen" was permitted to play it on Kabuki stage.
A.D1693(Genroku 6) The first theater's cafe restaurant was opened on November.
A.D1703(Genroku16) Takemoto Uneme founded Toyotakeza theater as business stage name Toyotake Wakatayu.
A.D1727(Houryaku 8) second floor construction was permitted for Cafe restaurants. Kadoza became popular as special theater which has gimmick on their stage.
A.D1826(Bunsei 9) Dr, Philipp Siebold and his group came to Kadoza theater.
A.D1868(Keiou 4) All theaters closed once. Because Siege of Tobafushimi.
A.D1872(Meiji 5) NingyouJoururi theater and Matsushima bungakuza theater built at Chiyozakibashi bridge by Bungakuken.
A.D1876(Meiji 9) There were worst fire on Jan 8th, Feb 20th and April. That's why many theater was disappeared. Toyotake Wakatayu founded Haneiza theater, Chikugo founded Ebisuza and Takeda founded Bentenza.
A.D1884(Meiji17) Kadoza held rollout ceremony
A.D1887(Meiji 20) Ebisuza renamed to Naniwaza
A.D1892(Meiji25) Kawakami Otojirou troupe played on stage at Naniwaza
The Competition among the fifth Onoe Kikugorou of Kadoza and Ichikawa Sadanji of Naniwaza attracted public attention.
A.D1897(Meiji 30) Kadoza nad Bentenza published pictures of their playing.
A.D1899(Meiji32) Kawakami Maya who is a pioneer of actress was on stage of Nakaza theater.
A.D1904(Meiji37) Naniwaza theater was destroyed by fire. Russo-Japanese War The Movie was screened. Mr. Yamanaka Teijiro bought film of that from Edison, Inc.
A.D1911(Meiji 44) Asahiza theater turned to the first movie theater in Dotonbori. Shirai Matsujirou screened "Hamlet" at Kadoza.
A.D1913(Taisho 2) Cafe Paurisuku and Night Club Panon was opened.
A.D1915(Taisho 4) Kadoza renovated their audience seat for western style.
A.D1917(Taisho 6) Sawada Seijiro troupe performed at Bentenza theater.
A.D1919(Taisho 8) New troupe called Sinseigeki was founded at Bentenza
A.D1925(Taisho 14) Construction of Ebisubashi bridge that constructed with reinforced concrete was completed.
A.D1928(Showa 3) Famous historical drama "Dotonbori Koushinkyoku" played at Shochikuza theater. The Shochiku Kateigeki theatrical troupe was founded at Kadoza.
A.D1935(Showa10) The famous neon light of Glico was constructed.
A.D1937(Showa 12) Train line of Midousuji was opened. Dotonbori river got a bridge in May.
A.D1944(Showa19) Huge theaters are closed. This ended up affecting Dotonbori that it turned into quiet city.
A.D1945(Showa 20) There was no theater left but Shochikuza theater by air raid.
AD1946(Showa 21) Barracks was constructed at near the Aiau bridge. Naniwaza was reconstructed in this year.
A.D1947(Showa22) Kadoza was reconstructed.
A.D1948(Showa 23) Nakaza was reconstructed and opened again.
A.D1949(Showa 24) Cabaret Night Club reconstructed in Dotonbori.
A.D1956(Showa 31) Bentenza was reconstructed and renamed to Dotonbori Bungakuza.
A.D1958(Showa 33) Kadoza another theater opened.
A.D1963(Showa 38) Dotonbori Bungakuza renamed to Asahiza.
A.D1967(Showa 42) Ship restaurants on Dotonbori river which called "Kakisen" permitted of eviction. Dotonbori developing construction was completed in December.
A.D1974(Showa 49) An actor Fujiyama Kanbi receive an award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in March.
A.D1978(Showa 53) A shopping street called Dotonbori Garden Road was opened in October.
A.D1979(Showa54) The Kabuki tradition "Funanorikomi" event was revived in 1979 for the first time in about 55 years. Aeration equipment in the shape of a fountain was installed at Dotonbori in June.
A.D1983(Showa 58) Aiaubashi bridge renovated in September.
A.D1984(Showa 59) Kadoza and Asahiza theaters are closed.
A.D1985(Showa 60) A popular baseball team Hanshin Tigers won the victory. People who loves Hanshin tigers jumped into Dotonbori for celebrating their won.
A.D1986(Showa 61) Nakaza was renewal opened and Kadoza building construction completed.
A.D1987(Showa 62) Naniwaza changed their style and turned into an entertainment hall.
A.D1988(Showa 63) A troupe played "Shinshun Kabuki" that pray for good season for the first time in 7 years at Nakaza.
A.D1989(Heisei 1) 7 death anniversary Kabuki of Nakamura Ganjirou at Nakaza.
A.D1990(Heisei 2) A famous actor Fujiyama Kanbi died. Big event "Kabuki Good bye Kanbi" was held instead of his funeral on May 21th at Nakaza .
A.D1991(Heisei 3) Big Kabuki event at Nakaza. Its purpose is for announcement of Nakamura Ganjirou's succession to his predecessor's name. New troupe called ShinShouchikuShinkigeki was founded at Nakaza.
A.D1992(Heisei 4) Kabuki event at Nakaza. Its purpose is for announcement of Shibuya Tengai's succession to his predecessor's name in May.
A.D1994(Heisei 6) A first-run theater "Shouchiku Eiga Fugirikan" was closed in May.
A.D1995(Heisei 7) Nakamura Ganjirou played a popular kabuki "Sonezaki Sinju" 1000 times at Nakaza. An actoress Miyako Chouchou received a prize that she acted on stage Nakaza 20 years in a row.
A.D1997(Heise 9) Anniversary ceremony of Shouchikuza renovation was held in February.
A.D1998(Heisei 10) A performance given in honor of Kataoka Ninzaemon 15th succession to a name in April.
A.D1999(Heisei 11) Dotonbori Museum opened on the second floor of fire department in January.
A.D2002(Heisei14) Nakaza accidentally made fire. Nakaza and Houzenji street burned out by the fire.
>A.D2003(Heisei15) Dotonbori river street was decorated with paper lanterns for the summer festival.
A.D2004(Heisei 16) New theater "B1 Kadoza" was opened.
A.D2005(Heisei 17) An avenue called River walk street Ebisubashi to Tazaemonbashi was opened.
A popular baseball team Hanshin Tigers are won season games, people who loves Hanshin Tigers joked and played around with other people in Dotonbori.
They gave a bit damage to the Avenue. A performance given in honor of Sakata Toujurou 4th succession to a name in November.
A.D2006(Heisei 18) Dotonbori shopping street was decorated with lanterns in may. Many securitycamera was established.
The revival forum of Minami 5 theaters culture was held in October. Osaka Film Festival was held at Kadoza theater and Seika theater in October. A city developper exectives discussed about feuture direction of Minami Shopping Asocciation in November. An event "Tonbori river space illusion" was held in December.
A.D2007(Heisei 19) A city developer executives decided new plan of feature directions of Minami Shopping Association in March. New association's membership fees is 5,000 Yen for basic fee and 2,000 Yen per 1 meter of their frontage. New Ebisubashi bridge construction was completed. Opening ceremony was held in November.
A.D2008(Heisei 20) New web site of Dotonbori opened on April 1st.
A.D2009(Heisei 21) A building called Nakaza Kuidaore was opened in July. The executive branch of Dotonbori banned illegally bicycle parking on the road since October 1st. Company owners in Dotonbori area discussed that they found owners association in November.
A.D2010(Heisei 22) A festival "Dotonbori day" was held at Shanghai Expo for a week on June.
Dotonbori river street decorated with 800 of lanterns for summer festival "Ittoko Minami" during July 7th to August 15th. Dotonbori festival "Bonodori Taikai" was held at Tonbori walk during on October 1st to 3rd.
A.D2011(Heisei 23) Dotonbori Shopping Street Association donated 2,070,071 Yen for The Great East Japan Earthquake in April.
A festival "Dotonborigawa Syukusai Chouchin" renamed to "Dotonborigawa Mantousai". Dotonbori made a work partnership with Company Aeon in September. An Electronic Money Card "Waon" Dotonbori version was produced in November. Dotonbori Flower Festival was held on October.
A.D2012(Heisei 24) Kansai university made CG of Dotonbori when it was in Taisho era in January. German cherry blossom princess visited to Japan on March 24th. New Dotonbori product Dotonbori WEB TV was published in November.
A.D2013(Heisei 25) A company Dotonbori Poolside Avenue was founded in April. A shop Forever21 opened in Dotonbori on April 20th. Daihatsu Move Kadoza was opened on August 28th
A.D2014(Heisei 26) The act of touting was regulated in Dotonbori area on June 1st. A statue of Mr.
Douton was recovered on July 12th. The act of touting was regulated in all of Minami area on October 27th. Osaka Minami 400th anniversary logo was designed and anniversary symposium was held on November 15th.
A.D2015(Heisei 27) New Websites are published for foreign tourists. These pages are optimized for smartphones and the Facebook app and are also translated into English, Korean and Chinese.(March)
Doutonbori's Building Kenzenka Iinkai is set up. The board members meeting are performed. (March 12th)
Doutonbori's open café project is started to clean and control some of the derelict bicycles. (July 8th ~12th)
Holding “Osaka Minami 400th Anniversary Festival” celebrates Dontonbori canal open-cut construction. (July 11th 12th.)
First board meeting of A Special Committee named “Doutonbori 500” (July 17th)
“Doutonbori Bonodori International 2015” set a new Guinness world record of 2025 dancing mebers (August 16th)
A.D2016(Heisei 28) “Osaka Free Wi-Fi” is set up for Inbound. (February)
Publishing the new version of “ Tonbori Newspaper”.
Donate \1,255,000Yen for the earthquake in Kumamoto. It is paid by the revenue of “Doutonborigawa Mantousai Festial”. (July 26th)
A report of “Doutonbori 500” is submitted. (September)
Entertainers who entertain at Minami organized “Doutonbori Kawamobutai”. (October 22th)
Social experiment will be held front of Takashimaya “Namba Hiroba remodeling plan”.(November 11-13th)
The Annual Manager Conference.(December 8th)
A.D2017(Heisei 29) Midosuji will celebrate 80th anniversary.(May 11th)
Katsuya Ueyama was elected as new chairman from election of officers at the general meeting.(May 24th)
“Osaka Expo 2025” lantern will light up at Dotonbori Manto Festival,(July 1th-August 31th)
Karaoke competition will be held at “Dotonbori Bon-Dance International 2017”.(August 12th)
Enter into "Agreement on cooperation in management field“ with JTB .(October 26th)
Get together bowling tournaments for manager members. (November 16th)
Dimitri Kerkentzes, Deputy Secretary General of the BIE, visited Dotonbori in advance.(December 7th)
A.D2018(Heisei 30) BIE Secretariat Inspection Team visited Osaka and had a luncheon party with shopping street association of Minami.We welcomed the group visiting Dotonbori warmly at night.(March 8th)
We started a performance of food musical "GOTTA".(June 1th)
The center of entertainment information dissemination and exchange" TONBORI BASE Café&Info" is opening.(June 1th)
Iron sculpture of PR object-fist for the EXPO2025 OSAKA,KANSAI,JAPAN will appear in Ebisu bridge.(July 14th)
Pilot experiment to expand sidewalk and bicycle track from Sennichi-mae street to Dotonbori will be conducted.(October 9-22th)
We will hold the Celebration event in Dotonbori to congratulate that Osaka to host 2025 World Expo.(November 23-24th)
A.D2019(Heisei 31.Reiwa1) Revamped a security system. Security guards started to put on a wearable camera. (From January)
Announced a future vision "Dotonbori 2020⇒2030" at a new year formal party. (25th January)
Put an object of a fisted hand for public relations of "EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN" at the entrance of Ebisu bridge. (From 1st July)
Distribution of nets for taking out garages on streets was decided at a store manager's meeting and implemented from August.
After a board meeting, all board members participated in regulatory activities for overhanging sign boards. (21st August)
Established "Dotonbori Night Culture Creative Council (DNC)". (12th November)
A.D2020(Reiwa2) COVID-19 was raging in China. Placed flag advertising of "Stay Strong Wuhan" (From 7th February)
DNC conducted a pilot program of ""Tonbori App"" as part of future-oriented tourism development.
COVID-19 was raging in Osaka and the first state of emergency was announced. (7th April)
Placed flag advertising "Stay Strong Minami, Osaka". (From 15th April)
Each store shared ideas and placed a poster of "we will resist!" "we will make it!" (From April to May)
An ordinary general meeting participated by members was cancelled and the general meeting with a written resolution was held. (24th June)
Votive lanterns for Dotonbori Lantern Festival were collected through online. Got lanterns with cheers such as "Stay Strong Minami". (From 1st July)
"Street Cafe" and "Entertainment Street" were held. (From 1st July to 30th November)
"Tonbori Night Market" was held by DNC, but it was cancelled due to spreading of COVID-19 in the middle. (from 20th November)
A.D2021(Reiwa3) A campaign of "POUPELLE OF CHIMNEY TOWN" and a shutter gallery became popular. (January)
"Merchant Association Revitalizing Minami From COVID-19" was established and wrote a letter of request to mayor of Osaka. (4th February)
"Merchant Association" prepared a manual of infection control measures and gave a poster of acceptance to stores which followed the manual. (from March to May)
Merchant association conducted its own vaccination program. (5th and 26th July)
Attached a mark of "EXPO 2025 OSAKA, KANSAI, JAPAN" to the object of fisted hand. (From October)
Participated in a technology demonstration of "Vaccination and Test Package". (From 25th to 29th October)
Participated in a co-creation program of "TEAM EXPO 2025". (From 22nd November)
A pilot program of a facial recognition was conducted. (From 7th to 26th December)
the map of Dotonbori area
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