Japanese Cultural Goods, Painting and Writing Materials, and Japanese Paper
Tanseido Flagship Store
Tanseido  Flagship Store

An old shop with a history dating back to the Edo Era. It has been beloved by many types of customers from women who like Japanese accessories to top class painters and calligraphers. We offer products that give a feel of traditional Japan such as ornaments, folding fans, and fans, using Japanese paper, Chinese astrology ornaments, etc. We also have a full line-up of tools for calligraphy, Japanese paintings, etc.

  • Tanseido  Flagship Store
  • Tanseido  Flagship Store


Address 1-6-12, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city
Phone Number 06-6211-0721
Business Hours 10:00~20:00
Closed Days 1st Wednesday