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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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Recommended dining and drinking spots

Osaka Minami, the town of "Kuidaore"

Find good shops and eat lots of food outside.

As in the saying "Go broke buying clothes in Kyoto, shoes in Tokyo, and food in Osaka", the people of Osaka spare no effort when it comes to delicious food. When coming to Minami, sightseeing means eating. You must greedily experience the local shops. But still, what exactly should you eat? This question has many answers. So let us suggest ways to enjoy eating in Minami.

Enjoy delicious food in Osaka with ingredients and dashi

In the Edo period, when Osaka was called the Kitchen of the Nation, many seasonal ingredients were brought from around the country every day. Also, the cargo ships of that time brought in Japanese kelp, and aromatic and flavorful dashi was used in cooking. Using dashi to accentuate flavor, making food visually enjoyable, and using all ingredients without waste is the tradition passed on by Osaka chefs. The feature of food in Osaka is not so much in special menu items but rather the cooking techniques. Please try lots of foods in shops frequented by locals. Go around to various restaurants without worrying about being a first-time customer.

Osaka's traditional cuisine

Sushi in Osaka is less nigiri and more "Osaka Sushi" that is pressed with a wooden box. Please enjoy the deliciousness of mackerel, kodai, egg, conger eel, and more served on shari rice! The food of the summer is hamo eel cuisine. Enjoy it with vinegar miso and shredded dried plum. At the Ebisubashi-suji Daitora Kamaboko you can buy "sheets of hamo eel skin", which is rare today. Harihari-nabe are pot dishes made with whale meat and potherb mustard. Sennichimae's Tokuya is recommended, and the proprietress is a famous personality in Minami. Osaka is the largest consumer of blowfish in Japan, and in the winter you should enjoy it in a pot dish. Asakusa in Hozenji Temple is a long-standing shop. Kantodaki (oden) also originated in Osaka. Kelp (kombu), bonito dashi and extracts from a wealth of ingredients slowly infuse it with its delicious flavor. Kazunoko on Hozenji Yokocho Street is definitely excellent.