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Located right in the center of the world's largest downtown area, Osaka Minami
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shopping street Rules (Construction Agreements), Coverage and Photography

To Those Considering Opening a Store Here ~ shopping street Rules (Construction Agreements)

We ask that business owners considering opening a store in this shopping street cooperate with the shopping street to strive for long-term prosperity.

shopping street Rules (Construction Agreements)

Maintenance and Management of Common Facilities

  • Based on a long-term repair plan, the arcade collects long-term repair levies to conduct maintenance and management, and in 2013 it was awarded a good design award after implementing the large-scale repairs and changing all lights to LED.
  • We maintain and manage the arcade, arcade lighting, fire prevention and firefighting equipment, video recording security cameras, and street broadcast equipment to ensure a convenient and safe environment for customers.
  • Secretariat staff are permanently employed at the shopping street office where they conduct practical shopping street operations. Please contact the office for all matters relating to the shopping street. Its business hours are Monday-Saturday, 9:30AM to 5:30PM (closed Sundays and holidays)

Maintaining a pleasant business environment

  • The cleaning of the roads are commissioned and they are cleaned early every morning. In the day time the shops cooperate together, and on Fridays they conduct a joint cleaning with staff normally taking out 2 bags of trash per day.
  • Regarding displays that jut out into the roads contribute to damaging the long-term prosperity of Minami, so the neighboring shopping streets make arrangements to work together to prevent them.
  • Specialized security guards are deployed in the streets to patrol every day to prevent trouble and crime and ensure the safety of our customers.
  • Solicitation, distribution of fliers, broadcasting BGM toward the roads, and promotional activities using microphones are prohibited. Please be considerate and avoid causing unpleasantness for passing customers or surrounding shops.
  • We enforce a no bicycle parking policy in all areas by arrangement with Osaka City. We also prohibit passing through the shopping street on bicycles in accordance with the Road Traffic Law.
  • In this shopping street we execute a "Town-Building Agreement" at our general meeting wherein we establish rules regarding types and conditions of businesses, designs, everyday business conduct, and construction when new shops are opening. Regarding the rules regarding types and conditions of businesses, we execute construction agreements and have the approval of the Mayor of Osaka.
  • See here for the town-building agreement, construction agreement, and procedures when opening a store

Advertising operations throughout the year

  • Our operational advertisement committee drafts and implements a yearly plan for advertising operations.
  • As competitiveness between areas increases, the Minami area is working in cooperation to strengthen its joint undertakings and increase visitors with its unique appeal.
  • In order for work to transmit the Ebisubashi brand among Minami overall, we hold experience-type events such as the "Ebisubashi-suji shopping street Experience Expo".
  • In terms of sales promotions, we conduct joint promotion projects to promote visitors and sales.
  • We decorate the shopping street twice--once in summer and once in winter--with originally designed light displays using LED lights.
  • In terms of original mediums, we publish a free magazine, maps of Minami, manage news sites and a website, and distribute an e-mail magazine.
  • As an inbound measure we provide support depending on each shop's circumstances for customer services to foreigners.
  • Using our Ms Ebisubashi and Ebi-tan character strategies we expand the transmission of our image through mediums such as TV.
  • We design gift cards that can be used in all shops as a sales promotion project, etc.

Union member service projects

  • We conduct a union health checkup once each year where union members can easily get a health checkup.
  • In order to bolster friendship among employees at each store and refresh them, we plan and host friendship meetings including Dotonbori River sightseeing and a New Year party.
  • We conduct fire prevention drills once a year, and participating stores will be issued a certificate of participation from the fire department.

About Coverage and Photography in the Ebisubashi-suji shopping street

  • The Ebisubashi-suji shopping street is the arcade running south to north from "Namba Marui" to "TSUTAYA EBISUBASHI". The east-to-west shopping street roads are managed by a separate shopping association. Furthermore, "Ebisubashi" is a public bridge, so please consult with the Osaka City Rivers Division or the Minami Police Station (TEL06-6281-1234).
  • For coverage and photography of the insides of each store in the shopping street please consult with each store. Photographing the outside of the stores or coverage and photography on the shopping street roads (hereinafter, roads) requires permission from the Shopping District Promotion Association.
  • It will not be allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, or the year end period (from December 31 to January 3).
  • Please conduct coverage or photography on the roads with few people and in a short time in order to avoid preventing passage or obstructing the shops' business.
    ※Please do not use tripods.
  • Please obtain permission from the concerned organizations as necessary.
  • Even if permission is granted from this shopping street, please follow the rules of shopping street office employees and shopping street security guards.

Please consult with this shopping street's office after you have understood the above information.